Our Newest Curious Adventure

In a world where digital media has climbed to incredible heights and quality, we recognize that a large portion of audiences still crave that unique feeling only attainable by a physical, tangible story held in their hands. We completely agree that there are some stories that still greatly benefit from - or find their start best within - the physical, bound page.  And so we created Curiosity Books, our publishing arm where the tangible proof of fandom is fully realized!

Alongside our original books, we also create original stories, graphic novels, chapter books, and picture books in collaboration with our current and future partners to extend our properties off of the screen and onto the bookshelves of loyal fans around the world!






Herbert Henry
& Santa’s Secret Society


Come on a magical Christmas quest with Herbert Henry as he journeys to Santa’s kingdom to bring home to his family the only gift that matters – happiness.

The delight and drama of the journey is nothing compared to the surprise awaiting Herbert Henry upon reaching the House of Claus. Chaos abounds, Christmas is in jeopardy, and it is down to one industrious little boy, an only slightly helpful dog, and the cast of characters Herbert has helped and befriended on the way to save Christmas… but can Herbert also save his father and his home?

Written by best-selling children’s author Amber Stewart.