Our Newest curious adventure


In a world where digital media has climbed to incredible heights and quality, we recognize that a large portion of audiences still crave that unique feeling only attainable by a physical, tangible story held in their hands.  And we completely agree that there are some stories that still greatly benefit from - or find their start best within - the physical, bound page.  And so we created Curiosity Books, our publishing arm where the tangible proof of fandom is fully realized!

Alongside our original books, we also create original stories, graphic novels, chapter books, and picture books in collaboration with our current and future partners to extend our properties off of the screen and onto the bookshelves of loyal fans around the world!



Leading Curiosity Ink Media’s new publishing division, Curiosity Books, is industry veteran Jon I. Rosenberg. Jon is a highly accomplished and creative global business development executive specializing in originating content and extending existing content-related brands across a range of media and merchandise in the publishing, brand-licensing, and entertainment sectors. Jon’s experience spans twenty-five years where he has fostered alliances with leading authors, illustrators, designers, and branded properties—including Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., MGM, Mattel, Hasbro, and Crayola

As the former VP and Publisher of Silver Dolphin Books, Jon spearheaded their juvenile proprietary and global publishing business—deploying strategies across all publishing segments (licensing, sales, marketing, printed books, interactive books plus, and e-books) while laying down new creative processes for building a mix of originated content and procuring strategic licenses. Prior to that, he headed up MGM Studio’s Licensed Publishing Group as Executive Director of Worldwide Publishing & Stationery where he developed strategic creative initiatives for licensed publishing opportunities for the studio’s 4,200 film library. Jon received his Bachelor of Arts from California State University, Northridge.